Our company was involved in numerous successful projects in different plant automation systems worldwide which enabled our staff to gather significant experience. This is now base of our great operational strength...


Does your process engineering need a new and modern automation ?

Our electrical and MSR engineering co-workers are specialised in the following areas:
  • Planning and project engineering
  • Product requirement specifications creation
  • Creation of application statistics
  • Order handling
  • Managing the projects
  • Commissioning
  • Hotline support


We are proud of our work and our outstandig people that have build their knowledge, experience and inspiration in the process of software creation. Here you can find out more about software products we developed during the past years...


Do you look for competent and reliable partners for the development and implementation of software solutions?

We are specialised in the following areas:
  • Design and development of Windows applications and drivers
  • Database design and development
  • Converting Windows applications to UNIX
  • Client/Server and network application development
  • Implementation of industry standards and vendor specific protocols
  • Creating learning systems, documentation, multimedia and Internet